Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Podcast Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson: “We are Living in a Time of Scientific Illiteracy”

Speaking at conferences, writing a monthly essay for Natural History magazine under the title “Universe,” hosting Star Talk Radio with comedienne Lynne Koplitz, and appearing on programs as diverse as The Daily Show and BBC Horizon, he talks to us with candor and humor. Yes, humor. His laugh and his way of living are as large as his universe. He loves what he does, he loves his family, he loves his impish ‘space theme’ ties, he loves to dance, and ─ bless his heart ─ he loves California wines. He is passionate without being extreme, and brilliant without coming across as a ‘smarty-pants know-it-all’. His Facebook page lists his religious views as “agnostic, though widely claimed by atheists”, a quote I found particularly impressive amongst all the things that impressed about this human being, because to admit to such says to me that he is so smart that he’s smart enough to know he can’t possibly know everything.

by Patricia Volonakis Davis November 29, 2009

You can listen to the podcast at Harlots' Sauce.


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